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Performance Optimization: Our "Classic High Passage 125cc/150cc" exhaust guarantees a significant improvement in performance across the entire power range.

Compatibility: Designed specifically for 125CC and 150CC motorcycles, ensuring perfect integration and functionality.

Aggressive Design: Bold and distinctive aesthetics, ideal for those who want to make their motorbike stand out and give it a unique character.

Easy Plug and Play Installation: The "Classic High Passage 125cc/150cc" exhausts are designed for easy "plug and play" installation, allowing motorcyclists to improve the performance of their bikes without complications.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: "Classic High Passage 125cc/150cc" exhaust

1. Material:
Specific iron sheet to guarantee the correct resonance of the exhaust.

2. Performance Optimization:
significant increase in performance over the entire supply range.

3. Design:
Completely hand forged through oxyacetylene welding and finished with riveting.

4. Installation:
Plug and Play system, including all accessories and mounting kit for easy installation.

5. Maintenance:
Oil the exhaust (we recommend using our DBR Oil ) every time it is used. Be sure to wait for the exhaust to cool before applying oil. This operation is essential since the exhaust needs such care to maintain their efficiency and prevent corrosion. If rust forms on the exhaust we recommend treating it with our DBR Rust Remover to remove it.

6. Package Contents:
-1x "Classic High Passage 125cc/150cc" exhaust
-1x Mounting Kit (springs)
-Installation and maintenance instructions
-DBR sticker kit

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