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Performance Optimization: Our "Natural Titanium 125cc/150cc" exhaust guarantees a significant improvement in performance across the entire power range.

Compatibility: Designed specifically for 125cc and 150cc motorcycles, ensuring perfect integration and functionality.

Aggressive Design: Bold and distinctive aesthetics, ideal for those who want to make their motorbike stand out and give it a unique character.

Easy Plug and Play Installation: Drains "Natural Titanium 125cc/150cc" are designed for easy "plug and play" installation, allowing riders to improve the performance of their motorcycles without complications.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: "Natural Titanium High Passage 125cc/150cc" exhaust

1. Material:
Specific titanium sheet to ensure correct exhaust resonance.

2. Performance Optimization:
Significant increase in performance across the entire delivery range.

Aggressive. TIG welds for a clean and durable finish.

4. Installation:
Plug and Play system, including all accessories and mounting kit for easy installation.

5. Maintenance:
We recommend using " DBR Clear Titanium " specially designed to keep your exhaust in excellent condition.

the use of other products could ruin and discolor the surface finish

6. Package Contents:
-1x "Natural Titanium High Passage 125cc/150cc" exhaust
-1x Mounting Kit (springs)
-Installation and maintenance instructions
-DBR sticker kit

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