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Complete Protection: "CLASSICSHIELD" offers complete coverage for your classic exhausts. This insurance covers accidental damage, ensuring your drain is protected in every situation. There are no additional costs, deductibles or hidden fees. The policy is valid for a single claim.

International Coverage: Wherever you are in the world, "CLASSICSHIELD" offers you protection. If you travel with your motorcycle, you can rest assured that your classic exhaust is covered.

Simplified Procedure: Opening a claim is direct and simple. Contact us and, if your product is approved, we will take care of the repair or replacement.

Clarity in Coverage: We are transparent about what is and is not covered.
What's Covered:
-Accidental damage.

What IS NOT Covered:
- Intentional or malicious damage.
- Cosmetic damage that does not affect functionality.
- Soft.
- Loss or theft.
- Damage caused by extreme activities or improper use of the product.

Renew and Save: After any accident you can renew your "CLASSICSHIELD" policy at a reduced price by contacting us directly.

Not applicable to products with Transparent Anti-Rust Cerakote Treatment.
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