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Performance Optimization: Our "Custom Titanium 125cc/150cc" exhaust guarantees a significant improvement in performance across the entire power range.

Compatibility: Designed specifically for 125cc and 150cc motorcycles, ensuring perfect integration and functionality.

Custom Design: We create our "Custom Titanium 250cc/300cc" muffler with meticulous attention to detail. Each muffler is unique and personalized with a laser-engraved serial number, giving each product an exclusive identity. Customization also extends to the possibility of anodizing the muffler in the color you prefer, according to the customer's specifications.

Easy Plug and Play Installation: The "Custom Titanium 125cc/150cc" Exhausts are designed for easy "plug and play" installation, allowing riders to improve the performance of their bikes without complications.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: "Custom Titanium Low Passage 125cc/150cc" exhaust

1. Material:
Specific titanium sheet to ensure correct exhaust resonance.

2. Performance Optimization:
Significant increase in performance across the entire delivery range.

Aggressive. TIG welds for a clean and durable finish.

4. Installation:
Plug and Play system, including all accessories and mounting kit for easy installation.

5. Maintenance:
We recommend using " DBR Clear Titanium " specially designed to keep your exhaust in excellent condition.

the use of other products could ruin and discolor the surface finish

6. Package Contents:
-1x "Custom Titanium Low Passage 125cc/150cc" exhaust
-1x Mounting Kit (springs)
-Installation and maintenance instructions
-DBR sticker kit

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